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C o c k t a i l s C o c k t a i l s
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2 heaping teaspoons brown sugar

1 measure cachaca1

, cut into six segments lime

Add the brown sugar to a traditional stout glass, then
add the lime segments and crush them to squeeze the juice into the mixture, leaving the pieces in when finished.

Fill the glass with crushed ice, and finally add the cachaca,
one measure or to taste.The trouble you go to for thiscocktail is more than worth it, and in fact becomes part of the ritual of what is practically
Brazil's national drink!


Whole, quartered Lime

Teaspoon Brown Sugar

35ml Vodka

Lots Crushed ice

Slice limes, muddle with sugar your chosen glass. Fill glass with crushed ice and pour on the vodka,

gently mix and then serve.

Try adding some blueberries, strawberries or other fruit in to the muddle for an extra twist.